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At Bushnell’s we are committed to being a teaching and learning center that helps clients progress and improve through the vast realm of gardening.  We recognize that gardening is a lifelong learning experience for us all, and we want to help make those individual experiences enjoyable and rewarding, and less overwhelming.  Our knowledgeable team is here to offer expert advice in a variety of areas that we hope will inspire you to step out and try something new!

Dreamscapes - Landscape Makeover

Web Series with Ahmed Hassan

See this amazing transformation of a local landscape that our Owner Dave Bushnell created with the Dreamscapes team! Watch the entire Dreamscapes Landscape Makeover Web Series with our friend Ahmed Hassan at










Water Reduction Concepts &

Efforts That Work!

Expert Tips by Dave BushnellBushnell Gardens Nursery Expert Tips: Water Reduction Concepts & Efforts That Work

Based on over 30 years of producing, planting, and caring for thousands of varieties and millions of plants and trees, Dave Bushnell has written water reduction concepts and efforts that will work for you!


The most common reason for plant and tree death or decline is over watering. Many landscapes will need and consume up to 70% less water than they have previously received, and increase their overall plant health at the same time by employing most to all of Bushnell's suggested concepts.

Solve your outdoor water reduction mandate using our tips:

Water Reduction Concepts and Efforts That Work!

Download your copy today!

Bushnell Landscape Pruning Clinics

For expert advice on landscape pruning and care watch our videos featuring, Dave Bushnell, owner of Bushnell Gardens Nursery.  Dave, along with tree care specialist, Todd Johnson, discuss their over 50-years of professional pruning tips with you.


In lieu of “big box” pruning tools, Bushnell’s carries the highest quality long lasting tools.  We believe you achieve more, and in the long run, save time, energy and money by investing in our tool collections. ARS tools is our top pick because of their precision cutting.  They allow less effort with an easy comfortable fit. These tools operate at the highest quality with time tested moving mechanisms so you can push the limits. When you are pruning, you deserve this level of quality and design!















Bushnell Landscape Pruning Clinic - Part 1















Bushnell Landscape Pruning Clinic - Part 2






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