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Clusters of large, tubular, deep reddish orange flowers create a dramatic show all season long! Once established, this vigorous clinging vine thrives and blooms profusely with near neglect. Quickly covers large areas as a groundcover, screening a lattice or fence, or cloaking an arbor. Deciduous.


Bold clusters of large, 4", cherry-red, trumpet-shaped flowers with orange overtones bloom in late spring and continue sporadically through the fall, creating a dramatic show and also attracting hummingbirds. This clinging vine is a vigorous grower with deep green foliage throughout the season. Ideal for screening on a lattice, trellis or arbor, or to cover large areas as a groundcover.

A butterfly and pollinator magnet and the standard in Trailing Lantanas! This low growing, groundcovering Lantana produces an endless display of deep golden yellow flowers from late spring to fall. The clusters of brilliant yellow flowers positively shine against the glossy dark green foliage. New Gold Lantana rarely fruits and its mostly sterile pollen make this long popular selection a gardener and landscapers dream with its impressive flower power and reliability! New Gold creates a low maintenance colorful groundcover or use it as a spring to fall filler, spiller, or specimen for medium to large containers.


Lantana are only second to Porterweed in our garden for their ability to attract butterflies! Lantana are loaded with flower power and normally flower continuously from late spring to frost. This durable and reliable zone 8-9 perennial is moderately drought tolerant, deer and rabbit resistant, salt tolerant, and is generally pest free. For the best results provide your Lantana with an average to well draining soil with average moisture in an area that gets 6 hours or more of sun per day. They can be cut back to near ground level in winter. Provide a protective mulch in winter where hardiness is questionable.


If flowering slows down in summer a shearing to remove as much as 2/3 of the plant including any seeds should help to reinvigorate your Lantana for the remaider of the growing season. If you see white or light green speckling of the foliar be sure to properly destroy any material that you remove.


The Ever Red Fringe Flower is the ideal shrub for adding rich and vibrant pops of color to your landscape. Between the unique purple foliage and true red flowers that repeat bloom throughout the year this shrub is as colorful as it gets! It's hard to believe that is gorgeous bush is super easy to grow!


This Ever Red Fringe Flower produces cherry red, fringe flowers most heavily in winter to spring, but it reblooms throughout the year! The Burgundy leaves are evergreen. So you will enjoy tons of color throughout all four seasons. Between the year-round deep plum foliage and months of cherry red blooms you are in for quite a show all year long!


Ever Reds mature to 4 to 6 feet tall and wide. In the landscape, this fringe flower shines in hedges, natural areas, small privacy screenings, and mixed beds. The Ever Red fringe flower goes with just about everything and provides superb color contrast. Use this loropetalum in the back of the landscape for a lush and colorful anchor. For a truly unique look try this bold shrub in foundation plantings. You are going to love how the Ever Red® transforms the look of your home and yard.


For the best color, plant your Ever Red Fringe Flower in full sun. This hardy plant is adaptable to different soils, but prefers a slightly acidic, moist soil. Once established this loropetalum is drought tolerant. However, the best growth and most prolific blooms will be achieved by maintaining a watering schedule when the ground is dry and applying a balanced, slow release fertilizer in spring. With almost no care this loropetalum will be a pretty happy plant. With a little care you will have ideal growth, flowering, and color.


A low maintenance, evergreen shrub that offers rich and vibrant color, AND repeat blooms all year long?! Sign me up! Order yours today! These are sure to sell out fast!



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