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Assorted Daylilies

If there's a "sure bet" perennial, it must be the daylily. They tolerate a wide variety of soil conditions, are not troubled by diseases or pests, and bloom faithfully for years with virtually no attention. The daylily's botanical name, Hemerocallis, means "beauty for a day", and indeed most daylily flowers open in the morning and die by nightfall. However, each flower stem (also called a scape) typically has at least a dozen flower buds, so the plant stays in bloom for several weeks.

 Lemon Verbena (mosquito Deterent)

Lemon verbena offers a sweet lemon flavor that's refreshing in tea or desserts and useful for seasoning meat dishes. The plant is a beauty in the landscape, forming an elegant shrub 6 feet tall by 8 feet wide. Leaves release their refreshing fragrance each time they're touched, making this herb a good choice for planting near outdoor living areas or paths, where you can enjoy its lemony scent. A native of tropical climes, lemon verbena is perennial in frost-free areas. To savor the flavor in regions with cold winters, try growing lemon verbena in a container you can carry indoors.

 Hypericum "Ignite Scarlet" Red St. Johns Wort

Versatile, rust resistant selection. Thrives in heat and humidity. Shiny, often red-tinged foliage is complimented by yellow flowers, followed by small showy fruits in the fall. Ideal for borders, containers, or as a large scale ground cover under large trees. Seldom grazed by deer. Deciduous.


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