There are many varieties of the glorious magnolia tree. The evergreen forms perform year round but deciduous magnolia trees have a unique charm all their own, with early season interest to rival flowering cherries. These trees flower before the leaves emerge, trumpeting spring with huge lightly scented blooms. If you are choosing a tree, learn which magnolias are deciduous before you decide which of the different varieties of magnolia is perfect for your garden.


There are both evergreen and deciduous magnolia trees. In the large group of magnolia, deciduous trees are noted for their frost hardiness and attractive form. Some of the different varieties of magnolia are even known to flower in late winter and continue until the end of summer. These may have huge saucer or star-shaped flowers in a variety of hues. If you are walking about your neighborhood and spy an especially appealing magnolia species, how can you know if it is one of the deciduous magnolia varieties? If the plant is just showing flowers but the leaves have not yet unfurled, it is a deciduous form. The lack of leaves actually showcases the blooms better than varieties that have their leaves at the time of flowering. The effect is startling and almost stark, but it allows the viewer to appreciate the flowers with simplicity.


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