Onion 'CANDY'

Cross of long day x short day, adaptable anywhere, sweet, mild, jumbo bulb, brown skin, white flesh, small neck, likes heat, stores well, 95 days

Onion 'BLUSH'

The color of pink champagne, Blush is as strikingly attractive as it is versatile. Big, firm globes reach 4 inches across and have a sweet flavor with a hint of bite. Long-day variety. 110 days



Photography courtesy of Ivy Garth Seeds & Plants, Inc.

Photography courtesy of Territorial Seeds


This amazing variety produces enormous globes, 4 inches across with tan skin and light yellow flesh that’s mildly sweet with a hint of spice. A very high yielder, the onions have thin necks for quick dry down and good storage. If you like Candy onion, you’ll be pleased to know that Expression is similar but exhibits higher disease resistance. Sweet/storage type; stores 4 months.

Photography courtesy of Territorial Seeds

Onion 'Long Red Florence'

Mediterranean fresh eating type, 5" long torpedo shape, very mild, terrific fresh or grilled, 90 days

Photography courtesy of Ivy Garth Seeds & Plants, Inc.


Onion 'Nabechan'

Better flavor than other bunching onions.

Sweeter, more complex flavor. Upright plants with uniform, thick shanks. Resists leaf-curl and bulbing in hot weather. Nabechan is a traditional Japanese type grown for its high quality. Can also be grown like a leek to create a unique, large scallion known as "negi" in Japan. For negi-style scallions with a thicker, blanched portion, start in flats. Transplant 6" apart in rows 24" apart, in holes dibbled 6" deep in late spring, when 8" tall and pencil-thick.



Photography courtesy of Johnny Seeds

Onion 'Sweet Vidalia'

Short day, high yield, jumbo, dark brown, mild taste, sweet high sugar, resists pink root, 150 days

Photography courtesy of Ivy Garth Seeds & Plants, Inc.

Onion 'Walla Walla'

Long day, extra sweet and large, white, use fresh, earlier than other Spanish types,

Onion 'Red Zeppelin'

Large deep red, excellent storage up to 6 months, long day type for home or market garden, 115 days