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2018 New Roses from Star® Roses and Plants

Shining Moment™

‘Radshining’ PPTBS


Shining Moment™ is a slightly fragrant pink Floribunda with excellent disease

resistance for the type. It blooms non stop throughout the season and grows well

on its own roots.

  • Deep pink flowers
  • Dark green, glossy foliage
  • Bushy, up to 4.5' h


Shining Moment™, ‘Radshining’ PPTBS, from Star Roses and Plants

Princesse Charlene de Monaco®

‘Meidysouk’ PP#24296


A very beautiful Romantica® type Hybrid Tea rose. Its very fragrant flowers are fully

double and light apricot to shell pink in color.

  • Light apricot/shell pink flowers
  • Medium green, semi-glossy foliage
  • 2-3’ w x 5-5½' h


Princesse Charlene de Monaco®,‘Meidysouk’ PP#24296, from Star Roses and Plants

Gilded Sun™

‘Meianycid’ PPAF


Gilded Sun™ has an excellent yellow non-fading color and exceptional disease

resistance for the type. It grows well on its own roots and has good dark green

glossy foliage.

  • Deep yellow flowers
  • Dark green, very glossy foliage
  • Upright, very bushy, up to 5' h


Gilded Sun™, ‘Meianycid’ PPAF, from Star Roses and Plants

Fruity Petals™

‘Radpetals’ PPAF


A new disease resistant climber in a very unique color from William Radler,

breeder of The Knock Out® Rose. This climbing rose explodes with a heavy flush of

blooms in the spring and reblooms throughout the season.

  • Coral with a yellow eye
  • Medium green, semi-glossy foliage
  • Very bushy and climbing, up to 6' h
Fruity Petals™, ‘Radpetals’ PPAF, from Star Roses and Plants

Canyon Road™

‘Meiscarlebo’ PPAF


A red Floribunda with a unique and novel color. It blooms in late spring with a

striking flush of brick red blooms. It shows good tolerance to disease and maintains a

pleasing habit. Well suited for use in borders for a striking pop of color.

  • Brick red flowers
  • Dark green, glossy foliage
  • Very bushy, 3½' w x 2½' h


Canyon Road™, ‘Meiscarlebo’ PPAF, from Star Roses and Plants


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